Monday, 19 August 2013

Interview with Hugo Calderano after Brazil Open

Hugo Calderano was the revelation of the Brazil Open few days ago in São Paulo !
He won the Men's Single event and was bronze medal in U-21, he's the younger player at this level, World number 260, he will be suretly in the top 230 next month !
Here is the interview that we have done:

1. Congratulation for your title ! what is your first feeling after your victory?
I'm very happy with this victory ! This is indredible !

2. You are the younger player who wins a World Tour, what do you think of that?
I think it's very good to motivate me even more.

"I Support TTImpossible !"
3. How was your tournament, physically, tactically & mentally?
Physically I was a little bit tired, but mentally and tactically I think it was really good for me ! I was very calm and focused.

4. How were you before and during the final against Gustavo Tsuboi?
I think I prepared myself a lot for the match and then I could just play my best level.

5. Had you more pression because he's one of your teammates?
No, because his ranking is higher and he was seeded number 2 and I was number 5.

6. You lost the first game, but you immediately responded to him: you won the two next sets...
What tactic did you use during that games?
I tried to be more agressive, because if he attacked before me it was very difficult.

7. In the sixth game, you were led 10-5 and you've won seven point in one shot ! The celebration of your victory was incredible, what did you think in this moment?
I just felt really happy!

8. Had you friends, or familly in the specators?
Yes, they were my parents, my grand-father, my sister & my girl-friend !

9. Come again to the last set, at 10-5 What did you sayd in your mind? I can come back?
I just kept focused, playing point by point, always believing that I could come back.

10. What rubbers and blade are you using?
I use Cornilleau Gatien Conquest for blade, and Target in both sides.

11. This Open surtly encourages you for the future, what are your next events?
I will play the Czech Open.

12. Who will be the winner in Men's Single at Harmony China Open, who do you think ?
I think the title will be for Ma Long.

Photos: Thanks to, to him & I.T.T.F

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