Saturday, 2 March 2013

Results of few players at Qatar Open 2013

Marcos Freitas:
In qatar I beaten Gauzy 4-3 , Fan Zhengdong 4-0 and I lost in the 1/8 against Yan An.
I'm happy with my performance, it's not easy to go to the last 16 in such a tournament as Qatar Open, and I was happy to play against 2 chineses because it's impotant to play against the best Table Tennis players to learn from it.

Kristian Karlsson:
My results where quite good. I won my group in the men singles after beating a guy from barahain and in the group final I won 4-1 versus Hung Tzu-Hsiang from Taiwan. In the first round I beat Lee Sangsu from Korea with 4-0 and I played really well. After that I stood very little chance against the German Dimitrij Ovctharov.

Jonathan Groth:
In men's Single, I won against Ghosh from india and Noshad Alamiyan, and lost to Gao Ning.
In U21 I won against a young Japanese. Harmeet Desai and Hung Tzu-Hsiang. And lost to Patrick Franziska.
Yes, I am happy with the results.

Janos Jakab:
I'm quite satisfied with my performance in Doha.
I have passed the group, where I have won against Khalifa from Qatar (4/0) and a very close game (4/3,last game 12/10) against Wong Chun Ting (HGK). At 3-2 to lead he had 2 matchballs! And on the main draw I overcome Chen Weixing, also 4/3. I'm very happy for this victory as well, because my goal is to get back into 100 on the world ranking, so this victory was very needed! Then In round 32 to 16 I lost to Gárdos 4/2, who played very safe and his uncomfortable spins, which were hard to deal with. There was a lot of short-short hits in our game, this needs a good balance and fast, koordinated forward-backward movement. He had done this more precise. In doubles we (with my chech double partner for this tournament,Michael Obeslo), won the first set against the chinese Xu-Fan CHN double, to win sets against CHN players is always joyful bit the they have turned the game to their advantage with a 3/1 victory. So altogethet I satisfied eith this performance and specially with the way I have handled the hard,had to had,stressy situations.I could make quality strokes at these moments and that makes my heart smile.
Ps:the conditions were very fulfilling in Doha( Hotel, food, transport, information, wifi, training hall, SUNSHINE! ... ) I often see, that with a sunny sky, I tend to feel better and paralell play better as well.

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