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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Interview with William Henzell

Hi, today I interview champion of Oceania and Australia, William Henzell, who failed to beat Wang Liqin and Vladimir Samsonov at the Olympic Games 2008 and this summer! Here is his interview...

Source: Feng Li/Getty Images Europe

1. How and when did you start playing Table Tennis?
I started when I was 6 years old. I started playing tennis first but it is only a summer sport in Australia and I needed a new racket sport for winter.

2. Who or what influenced you to play Table Tennis?
I played a lot with my dad when I was young. He started playing so I would have someone to practice with.

3. What was your first club?
Summertown Table Tennis club in the Adelaide Hills.

4. What blade and rubbers do you use?
I use the William Henzell Platinum blade, which I developed myself, and Tenergy 05 rubbers.

5. What is your style of play?
Attacking with backhand as my biggest weapon.

6. What was your best world ranking?
90 in 2012.

7. What are your goals with your coaching webiste, TTEdge?
I hope to show players of all levels from all over the world that it can be simple to improve their technique and results. Small changes can make a big difference.

8. What is your next big goal at Table Tennis?
2016 Olympics in Rio.

9. What is the most memorable event of your career?
Both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics were very special for me.

10. What is your favorite player?
Don't have one.

11. This makes twice that you do 2nd Intercontinental Cup, if you are qualified, what is your goal?
I think they will cancel this event this year.

12. Have you already started to prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games?
Yes and no. I am back at full-time work now and am only playing a few times per week. I hope I will be able to more training in the lead-up to Rio.

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