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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Interview with Romain Lorentz

Hi, interview with a young player of the team of France, Romain Lorentz, number 170 licensed and the ITTF world ranking in the French of Issy-les-Moulineaux club. I'll let you discover it in this interview...

1. How and when did you start to play table tennis?
Thanks to my father and my brother who played a little club I was 8 years old.

2. Who or what influenced you to play Table Tennis?
I first try on vacation and this sport my right away so I continued.

3. What was your first club?
Saint Arnoult in Yvelines.

4. What wood and rubbers do you use?
I play a Cornilleau Hinotec Off wood with two Target Ultim rubbers.

5. What is your best world ranking?
Number 170 in december 2012.

6. When and where was it your best match?
Against Gao Ning number world 17 at the Hungary Pro-Tour

7. What are your goals this year with the French club of Issy les Moulineaux?
With my club the objective is to maintain in Pro A, personally I try to earn the most possible match.

8. Can summarize us in a few words, your results in the round of qualification for the European Championships?
With France, it first lost to Portugal 3 - 1, which is one of the best teams in European and then we have a very good match against Sweden 3-0 and another victory of the team that has shown a big mental against the Serbia after having led 2-0. So it's rather a good start for us.

9. What is your favorite player?
Timo boll.

10. What is your next big goal in Table Tennis?
Qualify to the individual World Championships has Paris-Bercy.

11. What are the events that were the most marked your career?
My qualification for the European Championships senior with my win at the tournament selection defeating in the final 11 9A Christophe Legoût beautiful that I had never beaten.

12. Have you already started to think about the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016?
Yes I think there is not many places there are individual so the competition but anything is possible and will need to work very hard to get there.

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