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Friday, 4 January 2013

Interview with Patrick Franziska

I interviewed another extraordinary player, Patrick Franziska, recent winner of the Pro-Tour Grand Final in December and multiple champion of several Pro-Tour U21 in the year! I'll let you read it...

Thank to Schiling

1. How and when did you start playing Table Tennis?
I Started with Table Tennis when I was 6 years Old.

2. Who or what influenced you to play Table Tennis?
My parents played Table Tennis,thats why I started to Play.

3. What was your first club?
My First Club was höchst im Odenwald,I started to Play in a Team when I was 7 years Old, it was also timo boll's First Club.

4. What blade and rubbers do you use?
I play with Mizutani Blade with tenergy 05 on forehand and backhand,I have contract with Butterfly since 11 years.

5. What is your style of play?
My style is to Play hard topspin strokes with forehand and especially with backhand.

6. What do you think it would take the Germany to beat China and be champion of the world?
You have to Take every little chance in a Match they'll give to you. It's quite tough because they are not giving you much chances but I think its possible. last Year in Slovenia Open I played against Xu Xin and I was down 2:3 in Sets and had 10:8 in the sixth set but I lost it 12:10. These little chances you Must take to make them nervous.

7. What was your best world ranking?
I was 74 in December 2012.

8. What are your goals with the German club TTC Fulda? Introduce us to your team.
We played not good in the beginning of the Season,our number 1 Wang Xi lost some Matches a Little but unlucky,last Season he was the best Player in First League. One week ago we reached the final in German Cup against Borussia düsseldorf,I think we can play a good second half of this season,with a Little bit luck we can reach the Play off.

9. What is your next big goal at Table Tennis?
I want to be a Top 50 Player in the world this Year and play World championships in Paris.

10. What is the most memorable event of your career?
In U21 Pro-tour Grand Final in China,i played my best table Tennis in the final.

11. What is your favorite player?
I dont have a favourite Player but I like to watch Waldner when he was at his best Time.

12. What have you felt when you have won the Pro-Tour Grand-Final in U-21? Tell us about your journey in this competition.
I was really happy,I couldnt believe it in the beginning. I started with one 4:0 Victory over karlsson from Sweden.
In the Second Match I beat alamiyan,I was 2:3 4:9 and fought back. This Match gave me much confidence. In my Last Match I Beat gauzy 4:0. In the semi final I won 4:0 against Muramatsu. In poland 2 weeks ago I lost against him. In the final I played my best match in this tournament and won against Alamiyan again.

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