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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Interview with Patrick Baum

Hi, today I continue with an interview with a great champion German, Patrick Baum, whose top is amazing I'll let you discover it with pleasure further down on the page.
1. How and when did you start playing Table Tennis?
I started at the age of 5 and I started,because my older brother also played Table Tennis.

2. Who or what influenced you to play Table Tennis?
My brother played and I liked to play,too.

3. What was your first club?
A club of my hometown.

4. What blade and rubbers do you use?
I play with Baum Esprit and Bluefire rubbers.

5. What is your style of play?
I like to play offensive.

6. What do you think it would take the Germany to beat China and be champion of the world?
I think it needs a perfect performance of all german players and a bit luck.

7. What was your best world ranking?
I was 18.

8. What are your goals with the German club Borussia Dusseldorf?
It's to win the german championship and champions league.

9. What is your next big goal at Table Tennis?
The worlds championship in Paris.

10. What is the most memorable event of your career?
I think the vice european championship title at singles.

11. What is your favorite player?
Do you mean idol? I don't have a idol.

12. What have you felt when you have access to the final of the European Championships in 2010? Tell us about your journey in this competition.
I started well in this tournemant and had a good shape,
I won very close against smirnov and got more and more confident,
so I won close against samsonov in quarter final and was very happy to win a medal.
I wanted to come to the final and beat schlager very close,too. After the tournemant I was really proud and happy.

13. Have you already started to prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games?
No,I am not qualified and the preparation starts about 6 month before olympics.

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