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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Interview of Alexandre Robinot

Here is the interview of the younger brother of Quentin Robinot. Alexandre Robinot beats it there a few days the Belgian Jean-Michel Saive and reached the quarter-finals at the Spanish Open!

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Thanks to Jean-Denis Beucher

1. Where and when did you start playing Table Tennis?
I started at maisons-Alfort at 6 years old.

2. Who or what influenced you in playing Table Tennis?
My dad used to play; so was my brother who had started a bit earlier so I followed the family’s momentum.

3. What was your 1st club? How did you evolve there?
My first club was Maisons-Alfort; I stayed there until I was 14 years old; at that time the level was not high enough anymore.

4. Who are you training with daily?
I have been training at INSEP for the last 3 years; INSEP gathers all best athletes in almost all disciplines; we are a group of players (best juniors and senior players) trained by many coaches (Michel Blondel, Jean-Claude Decret, Jacques Monmessin, Charles Bourget, Stéphane Hucliez).

5. What blade/rubber combination are you using?
I play the Samsonov Alpha blade with Pro Evolution MXP rubbers on both sides.

6. What is your best world ranking so far?
My best world ranking will be published next month; I’ll be close to #250.

7. What is your play style?
My play style is close to the table, hitting the ball early in a game of risks.

8. When and where did you best match ever happen?
For me, best match means best performance so I think It happened recently, in Spain, when I played Jean-Michel Saive, 86th World player and former Table Tennis legend.

9. Can you resume your participation at the Spanish Open?
Before that event I was lacking self-confidence; I did gain a lot of self-confidence by winning very close matches but above all by finding again a good level linked to a better focus.

10. What are your goals this year with the Issy les Moulineaux French club? Who are your teammates?
Our goal is remain in Pro A; in my team are the players Enzo Angles and Romain Lorentz, two young players who train with me at INSEP, a Chinese man named Lin Ju and Dorin Calus. We are coached by David Johnston.

11. Can you resume your results with that club?
For now the championship is very close and the future is uncertain; we are at the bottom but things can still change.

12. Who is your favorite player?
My favorite player is Chuang Chih-Yuan who takes the ball early and has a beautiful game.

13. What are your next big goals in Table Tennis?
My next big goals are the European junior championships in august but also the World junior championships at the end of the year.

14. What are the most memorable events in your career?
When I became benjamin France champion in 2006 in singles and doubles it marked the beginning and at that point I knew I wanted to become a professional player.

15. How do you physically and mentally prepare a match?
To get into a match I warm up extensively, especially the shoulder and abductors in order to be well warmed up and to mentally prepare I use a book note that helps me to focus and only think of the match.

16. Do you have a friendly relationship with the members of the national french junior team?
We are together all the time so of course we become good friends; the fact we have and live the same passion makes us very close to each other.

17. How do you live the fact there are 2 champions in the family?
We can’t really say we are chmapions but with my brother we are a very good relationship; there is no rivalry at all between us and we do help each other out.

18. And finally, what are the next events you will compete in?
I go to Suede in February and then the French Championships junior and senior will be right around the corner.

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