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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Interview with Adrien Mattenet

I managed to contact the current number 1 in France, Adrien Mattenet, champion of his country in almost all categories and players at the club Levallois, number 28 in the world, here are the answers to the questions I asked him:

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Thanks to Jean-Denis Beucher

1. Where and when did you start playing Table Tennis? It is thanks to my sister and I started in 1993 at the age of 6 years.

2. Who or what influenced you in playing Table Tennis? My sister, my parents and also mainly my coach Jean-Philippe Renaudin.

3. What was your 1st club? How did you evolve there? CTTBeauchamp, from 1993 to 2009 from the beginning to the place of 80 world.

4. What blade and rubbers do you use?
Wood Butterfly in concave Innerforce ZLC, plates Butterfly Tenergy 05 red and black.

5. You are surely one of the best backhand of your generation, so it is your point very? How do you use it?
I like to put pressure on my opponents playing very strong with my backhand, I try to use it up and under the best conditions to give a hard ball

6. And therefore, what is your style of play?
I have of course a game offensive dominant side but I can also associate that I have a versatile style with my change.

7. Since the beginning of last year, you have remained almost at the same world ranking, then you are even descended ranked number 28. Tell us your last season.
My last season was very difficult with my big injury where I stopped 3 months. Done that since 2 month I found my true rhythm training. It was a cut in depth in any point, physical, mental, technical...

8. Why did you decide to participated in the Top 12 in being injured?
I did not know that I was injured at this point, I thought it was a normal pain as what has often when one trains a lot.

9. Who are you training with daily? I train at INSEP in Paris with the France team.

10. What has been your best match? And better competition?
Best competition: 2011 World Cup in Paris.

11. You and other players have decided to stop the French team championship to only focus on international competitions, explained-we this approach.
This approach is simple, relief to be able to concentrate exclusively on the international calendar, have more time to prepare for major competitions with the team of France.

12. What are your next future goals?
Bercy 2013, go in the top 10.

13. What is your best world ranking? Who did you have earned this month for access?
N°19 world after the World Cup 2011 in Paris by beating Samsonov and Chuang.

14. How you prepare the next World Championships in Paris?
I prepare them already, it is a daily work, in addition I do more internship abroad than usual at least 1 week per month.

15. Who you coaches during competitions?
Cédrik Cabestany.

16. Have you already to thought in the Rio Olympic in 1016?
Yes, my project turns to the year 2016, I even put a clock at home at the time of Rio to put me a little inside.

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