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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

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Monday, 18 June 2012

The silver medallist one week earlier in the Japanese city of Kobe; one week later at the other side of the world in the South American town of Santos, it was gold.

Oh Sangeun beat Joo Saehyuk in an all-Korean final on Sunday 17th June to win the Men’s Singles title at the GAC GROUP 2012 ITTF World Tour Brazil Open in the town of Santos.

Seeded no.2, Oh Sangeun recorded a five games victory over his top seeded colleague.

He won 11-3, 11-9, 4-11, 11-8, 11-5.
Eighth Title
It was for Oh Sangeun his first GAC GROUP 2012 Men’s Singles title; overall it was his eighth Tour title.

Previously on the ITTF Pro Tour in 2005 he had won in Korea, Chile and the United States; then in 2006 he had succeeded in Chinese Taipei before in 2007 once again succeeding on home soil in Korea.

A wait of two years, he won in 2009 in Wakamiya and more recently in Almeria he struck gold at the Spanish Open in Almeria in 2011.

Second Second Place
Alas for Joo Saehyuk it was his second Men’s Singles runners up spot on the GAC GROUP 2012 ITTF World Tour.

In January in Hungary he had been beaten in the final by China’s Ma Long.

Two Finalstyle
Prior to reaching the final in Hungary; Joo Saehyuk had reached Tour Men’s Singles finals on two occasions, both times in Korea.

In 2006 he won in Jeonju, four years later in Incheon he was the runner up, beaten by Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus, in Santos in 2012 he lost to a player of a very similar stlye to the man from Belarus, Oh Sangeun.

Comfortable Against Defensive Style
Against adversaries from foreign shore Joo Saehyuk is in his element; again opponents from his own country life can be somewhat different and somewhat difficult.

Oh Sangeun, fluent as ever, clearly had no qualms about facing his compatriot’s defensive abilities.

Flowing Forehand
The flowing forehand forced Joo Saehyuk very much into the passive role in the first two games; the power if the Oh Sangeun attacks prevailing.

Joo Saehyuk recovered to capture the third game but after winning a close fourth game there was no stopping Oh Sangeun.

Total Command
In the fifth game he went ahead 10-3; he was in total command, on his third match point her secured victory with proceedings being completed in exhibition mode, Joo Saehyuk back from the table lobbing the ball high into the Santos Arena stratosphere.

Gold was in the hand of Oh Sangeun.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Emmanuel Lebesson once again beat Ryu Seungmin Photo By: Mauricio Val

In late April 2011 at the Spanish Open, Emmanuel Lebesson of France caused one of the tournament’s major upsets; by the narrowest of margins in the seventh game he beat Korea’s supremely athletic Ryu Seungmin.

Almost 14 months later the Frenchman repeated the feat; this time at the GAC GROUP 2012 Brazil Open in Santos and rather more comfortably.

He staved off a most spirited recovery from the 2004 Olympic champion to record an enticing six games victory (11-4, 11-6, 11-9, 10-12, 7-11, 11-8).
Left Hander Again
Once again, Ryu Seungmin, as happened several times in the past, was beaten by a fast attacking left hander.

Emmanuel Lebesson could continually direct his fore hand topspins into the body of the right handed Korean. He exposed the problems in the modern day game of not possessing a strong backhand.

The penhold grip player who uses just one side of the racket has clear problems in the modern era; Ryu Seungmin who adopts that style had problems; they were terminal.

Olympic Effect
The win recorded by Emmanuel Lebesson over Ryu Seungmin in Almeria had a definite effect.

It meant there would be no place for the Korean star in the Men’s Singles event at the London Olympic Games.

Ryu Seungmin fell below Joo Saehyuk and Oh Sangeun in the World Rankings and with the decision made soon after as to the direct entries, eventually the only spot available for Ryu Seungmin was the team event.

Again an Olympic Effect?
Again, has Emmanuel Lebesson’s win over Ryu Seungmin proved detrimental to Korean medal hopes in the Men’s Team event in London?

The battle rages for who will be the second seed and avoid China in a possible semi-final duel; the defeat of Ryu Seungmin has not helped Korean hopes.

Wins for Korea
Defeat for Korea but there were two wins.

Joo Saehyuk, the no.1 seed and Oh Sangeun, the no.2 seed both ended Brazilan hopes. Joo Saehyuk accounted for Gustavo Tsuboi the no.8 seed (11-4, 11-6, 11-9, 11-8), the host nation player never able to master the superb defensive skills of the Korean whilst Oh Sangeun used his blocking skills and control to great effect.

He accounted for Cazuo Matsumoto, the no.7 seed (4-11, 11-4, 11-5, 10-12, 11-4, 11-8).

At the semi-final stage Joo Saehyuk meets Portugal’s Marcos Freitas, the no.4 seed who booked his place in the semi-finals by overcoming India’s Soumyajit Ghosh, the no.13 seed.

Meanwhile, in the counterpart penultimate round duel, Oh Sangeun meets Emmanuel Lebesson.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Joo Saehyuk, now heads the list Photo By: Tetsu Yamashita

Koreans now head the seeding in the Men’s Singles event at the GAC GROUP 2012 ITTF World Tour Brazil Open which starts in Santos on Wednesday 13th June.

Joo Saehyuk, Oh Sangeun and Ryu Seungmin occupy the respective top three seeded places in the draw, with Portugal’s Marcos Freitas the fourth seed. Emmanuel Lebesson is the fifth seed followed by Belgium’s Jean-Michel Saive and the host nation duo of Cazuo Matsumoto and Gustavo Tsuboi.

The change is as a result of the withdrawal of the leading Japanese men: Jun Mizutani, Seiya Kishikawa and Koki Niwa.

Monday, 11 June 2012

The applause rang around the Green Arena in Kobe late on the afternoon of Sunday 10th June.

Jun Mizutani had delivered.

The 23 year old had responded to the occasion to beat Korea’s Oh Sangeun to win the Men’s Singles title at the GAC GROUP 2012 ITTF World Tour Japan Open.

He succeeded in six games (11-9, 11-9, 11-13, 4-11, 14-12, 11-5) to collect his second GAC GROUP 2012 ITTF World Tour Men’s Singles title of the year.
In February he had won in Kuwait and as four months later he had beaten a Korean in the final to clinch gold; in Kuwait it had been Ryu Seungmin, the man he had ousted one day earlier in the quarter-finals in Kobe.

Top Spin Attacks
Fast top spin attacks against the control of Oh Sangeun were the order of proceedings for Jun Mizutani as matters commenced in the final.
Urged forward by the crowd he attacked relentlessly to capture the first two games, both by the minimal two point margin.

Close to Table
Equally he gained success by staying close to the table on the backhand and gaining angles but Jun Mizutani is more comfortable a slight distance away from the table, where he has time to execute his top spin strokes in an athletic and entertaining manner.

However, when he followed the service quickly with forehand attacking strokes he reaped rewards, giving Oh Sangeun minimal time to exercise his high class blocking skills.

Vital Time Out
The first two game had been close with the vital points going to Jun Mizutani.

In the third game, once again they were level at 9-all; then after fortune had favoured Oh Sangeun they were level again at 10-all. At 10-11 Jun Mizutani saved game point; then at 11-12 he was faced with the same scenario.

Yoo Nam Kyu, the Korean coach on duty called ‘Time Out’. It proved a wise move, a long rally ensued, it was won by Oh Sangeun.

Focused on Backhand
Directing his early attacking strokes in the rally towards the backhand of Jun Mizutani, Oh Sangeun secured the fourth game.

He continued the policy in the fifth game, establishing an 8-5 lead; Jun Mizutani, the more active of the two players won the next three points but at 10-8 it was two game points to Oh Sangeun.

Crucial Stage
Serving Jun Mizutani won both points, a pivotal stage of the match had been reached; again at 10-11, Jun Mizutani saved game point, it was parity at 11-all. The Japanese camp called ‘Time Out’.

Jun Mizutani won the next point, Oh Sangeun saved; then another chance for the Japanese star, this time converted. Jun Mizutani had restored his lead.

Sensational Point
In the sixth game Jun Mizutani won a quite amazing point to move ahead 2-1; he was pinned to the barriers and somehow returned a tennis technique executed smash from the Korean.

The 4,000 strong crowd rose in adulation, sensational.

Now the momentum was with Jun Mizutani; he moved ahead 8-3 and at 10-4 held six match points.

Oh Sangeun saved the first but not the second, Jun Mizutani celebrated, so did the whole of Kobe; for Japan, a perfect finish.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Timo Boll is out of the tournament!

In the second round of the Japan Open 2012, he lost to Korea's

Jung Young Sik with 4-3!

tomorrow starts the Open in Japan and will end June 10.
Timo Boll will make his first pro-tour for months, and what a surprise: it is the number 1!

Jun Mizutani and Joo SaeHyuk are the numbers 2 and 3.

The first 32 in the standings are directly qualified for the 64 th round.
Here are the list of seeded:

Other Vidéo:

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Zhang Jike, the new world number 1

Zhang Jike a number 1 of the world, it will be the title of this article. After having was crowned world champion and winner of the World Cup last year, Zhang Jike enchaine Pro-Tour Finals, beating Ma Long who was in front of Zhang for months.

Ma Long is up 2, Xu Xin is in the top 3 and Wang Hao falls in 4th position.
Joo Se Hyuk loses seats and is now number 10, Chuang Chih-Yuan goes up in 8th place.

Ho Sangeun ( number 12 ) should be used to be in the top 15 worldwide, and Koki Niwa is already at 15 square Standings when he was only 18.

And the French Emmanuel Lebesson down 23 up in a 1 month !